Jill Dean 2016-09-06

Up The Hill Yoga is a very clean and comfortable studio for yoga. Judy, the yoga instructor, changes up the routine each time so it is always fresh with comfortable stretches and flows. I have attended the gentle yoga classes and appreciate the individual attention Judy provides regarding alternate positions to accommodate my shoulder issue. … More Jill Dean 2016-09-06

Kathryn H. 2016-09-06

West Townshend and the surrounding towns in Southern Vermont are fortunate to have a top quality yoga studio available to them with an experienced, supportive yoga instructor. Judy has mastered the art of leading classes that meet the needs of all students, both beginning and experienced. Her classes are challenging and yet restorative. She provides … More Kathryn H. 2016-09-06

Hollie F. 2016-09-07

I’ve just discovered Up The Hill Yoga run by Judy Harrigan. So far I’ve tried the “All Levels Vinyasa” class and the “Flow & Restore” class and enjoyed them both. I was looking for something gentle as I’m dealing with an injury. Judy explained that I could modify the postures to accommodate my injury which … More Hollie F. 2016-09-07

Michael Longo 2016-09-07

I’m not a yoga person but my life and work are very physical. Without stretching and flexibility exercises I run into lower back and leg problems, hindering or prohibiting me from doing my job. Judy pays attention to what each participant needs, allowing individual progress and pace. I try to catch the slower more gentle … More Michael Longo 2016-09-07

Sarah Peck 2016-09-08

I enjoy Judy’s classes. She is a gentle, experienced yoga instructor who gives excellent individual attention to everyone, helping with modifications and accommodations as needed. I have taken her gentle yoga classes and her flow classes and enjoyed both. Her studio is beautiful and the the whole experience is a great mix of welcoming, supportive … More Sarah Peck 2016-09-08

Karen Davis 2016-09-08

I would highly recommend Up The Hill Yoga. Judy is an exceptional yoga instructor; she is extremely knowledgeable about all elements relating to yoga – including but way beyond the postures, she’s supportive and encouraging but never pushy. She’s amazingly able to adjust and offer alternatives based upon each individual’s needs. Her classes provide wonderful … More Karen Davis 2016-09-08