Born and raised in Manhattan Yoga Life NYC was created to bring the authentic New York City yoga experience to Northern Portugal. Besides a wide range of yoga classes for students at all levels we will also be offering numerous other healing modalities in both English and Portuguese to help keep our community healthy. Workshops will be provided on interesting topics from both local experts and guest presenters from afar.

We believe that the time is right to share the style of yoga taught and practiced all across America with our neighbors, friends and community members here in Vila Do Conde.

Yoga that is open and transparent and practiced in a clear, bright studio.

Yoga that is non religious, non judgmental and open to all.

Yoga that is accessible to anyone regardless of age, gender or ability.

Yoga that is non competitive and offers a safe space to grow at one’s own pace

Yoga that will NEVER ask you do do something that you’re uncomfortable doing

The goal of Yoga Life NYC is to create a space where a community can evolve together through shared experiences, mental and physical healing and collective education.

We know this is possible because we’ve done it before at our previous studio, Up The Hill Yoga in Vermont, USA. and it is an amazing experience.While English is certainly our native language you can feel comfortable in knowing that we also speak Spanish and are really trying to learn Portuguese as fast as we can. Communication will not be a problem here at Yoga Life NYC.

Yoga Life NYC offers yoga classes, workshops and educational programs in Vila do Conde for a healthy mind and body. The new space opens in April/May 2019.

Judy Rivera Harrigan

Owner and Founder of Yoga Life NYC and Up the Hill Yoga

500hr Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor